Design Resources

Modyfi is the design platform built for multidisciplinary designers. Design, generate, animate, and more — without switching between apps.
Built to make you better. We’re not traditional outsourcers. We’re built to be your partners in progress, your catalysts for growth, and the drivers of your performance.
Build Interactive 2D Animations and Patterns in Framer. A code component library created using p5.js for seamless and precise pointer interactions and effects to bring your Framer websites alive.
Using Localcan Develop your apps with .local domains it’s useful for mac users
Google Technologies
Gemini is built from the ground up for multimodality — reasoning seamlessly across text, images, video, audio, and code.
Whether you’re searching for products or want to add products yourself, our platform helps you shop smarter and save time.
Seamlessly embed a customizable commenting experience into your product using ready-made React components.
The fastest way to design and build a website Access the world’s largest library of Figma & Webflow components and build better websites in hours, not days.
Unlock Your Productivity Potential Track, Optimize, and Elevate your workflow on your Mac.
Turn Your Customers into Advocates and Grow Your Business Exponentially. Unlock Referral Magic with Refir.