Design Resources

A better way to design & prototype mobile apps using the power of iOS & SwiftUI. Try our new macOS & iOS apps
Modyfi is the design platform built for multidisciplinary designers. Design, generate, animate, and more — without switching between apps.
The fastest way to design and build a website Access the world’s largest library of Figma & Webflow components and build better websites in hours, not days.
Morva Labs is a passionate design team that strives to involve and designing more-value™️ for your business.
Figma Landing page
Figma is the leading collaborative design tool for building meaningful products. Seamlessly design, prototype, develop, and collect feedback in a single platform.
Iconscout is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of high-quality icons, illustrations, and design resources for various creative projects.
Lottiefile Landing page
LottieFiles takes away the complexity from motion design. It lets you create, edit, test, collaborate and ship a Lottie in the easiest way possible.
SVG Animations
Some of the most interesting SVG interactions involve clipping or morphing certain elements.
Design tools from the future. Unleash your creativity with Diagram’s AI-powered design tools.